School Philosophy

The Brunswick School encourages its students to think and learn by utilizing various parts of the brain in order to become holistic learners. Loosely based on The Creative Curriculum, The Brunswick School educators use a diverse approach to educate our youth that encompasses logical/abstract thinking, creative outlets to fasten fundamental ideas, hands-on, student driven exploration and teacher-guided large group and small group instruction to provide a comprehensive curriculum for lifelong learners.

At The Brunswick School, we believe that each learner is unique and that each, individual, student has a different approach to learning. Utilizing a developmental continuum based on 125 objectives spanning the length of our students’ preschool education, students are not graded and are instead motivated to reach developmental milestones in their social/emotional development, physical development, cognitive development and language development. Together, as a school-wide unit, our students will thrive in all of their future educational endeavors and pursuits due to their Early Childhood exposure to a wide variety of learning.

Events and Activities