Once a child reaches the age of 3 (must be 3 by October 1st of the school year) and is fully toilet trained, he or she can enroll in the Brunswick Preschool Program. Brunswick School students will engage in active participatory learning at all ages. These types of learning activities are student-centered and teacher-guided. The preschool curriculum focuses on school readiness, communication and literacy skills, number sense, spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. Preschool students will also engage in activities in the areas of music, creative arts and movement. Learning activities in these areas are designed to encourage children to pose their own questions and make discoveries. Preschoolers at this stage will be guided through learning and play experiences to actively engage in daily routines and structured classroom activities, verbally assert needs and desires, develop self-help skills, use classroom materials in appropriate ways and positively interact with other preschoolers. Classroom activities will be based on visual art themes. Students at this stage will begin focusing on colors, different visual art mediums, as well as dance and dramatic play. Expanding from the toddler age grouping, preschool students will experience lesson plans implanted with artistic approaches to help each student use creativity to retain information.




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