At the age of 4 (by October 1st of the school year), Brunswick preschoolers can enroll in our Pre-Kindergarten class. The key focus at this level is elementary school readiness, specifically in the areas of communication, literacy, number sense, fundamentals of reading and writing and last, a formed, tangible understanding of fiction versus nonfiction. Classroom routines and schedules will provide opportunities for preschoolers to investigate their own interests while adhering to the structure of a classroom routine. Small and large group activities will enforce emergent reading and writing skills such as making predictions after listening to fiction, creating illustrations in response to literature or using existing illustrations to make inferences. Students will engage in activities emphasizing the value of print. They will understand the print-word connection and realize that print carries a message. Preschoolers at this stage will accomplish full mastery of the alphabet, begin to develop phonemic awareness and practice the fine motor skills necessary for successful writing. Children learn best when actively involved in constructing their own knowledge. A portion of time will also be dedicated to playful exploration. Authentic play experiences help preschoolers of this age build problem solving skills as well as foster the level of social and emotional growth necessary for success in Kindergarten. The Pre-Kindergarten Program is executed via incorporating visual and performance arts. Lesson plans will use various art mediums such as music, visual arts, and dramatic play to achieve curriculum goals. Like their toddler and preschool education, creativity will largely be incorporated into each lesson plan at an even higher level in Pre-Kindergarten now including speech, live performances, independent artistic expression and free-dance.


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