Older Toddlers

Our Older Toddler program is designed to support the older toddler’s need for increased independence (must be 2.5 by October 1st of the school year) while facilitating transition into a structured learning environment. Classroom space and learning materials are organized into specific designated play and learning areas according to specific content areas. Carefully guided activities will provide opportunities for toddlers to exert their independence by making simple choices and actively engaging in hands-on learning experiences. Toddlers will also develop communication and social skills by participating in teacher guided group activities and pretend play in small learning groups. Guided learning and play activities will require understanding of complex spoken language and listening skills. Group activities will prompt older toddlers to use simple sentences and participate in conversations. At this stage, language acquisition will include the understanding of the purpose of printed materials. Toddlers will engage in activities guiding them to produce written pictures and letters with the purpose of communication.


Teachers act as facilitators in guided play and social activities. Toddlers at this stage will participate in coordinated play with other children and will use hand eye coordination while completing increasingly complex tasks both indoors and outdoors. Play activities will focus on helping toddlers balance while using both arms and legs in active play. These activities will lead students to evaluate play materials, group objects in categories and plan ways to use these objects to perform multi-step tasks. Toddlers will be led to investigate causes in the event of unexpected outcomes and carry out simple plans for solving problems. Brunswick toddlers will experience an art infused curriculum where each lesson plan will specifically include an artistically engaged staple to further promote retention of absorbed, academic information.


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