Administration: Dedicated to your children

The Brunswick School understands the importance of hiring well-experienced, highly educated, caring and responsible teachers for our school. Beyond all other aspects of running a school, hiring the very best teachers to lead our classrooms is always at the top of our list to keep not only our students happy, engaged and learning well, but to keep families happy knowing their little ones are in terrific hands! As you will see below, our teachers come from different though equally impressive backgrounds and we are thrilled they have joined our team. We are so excited for you all to get to know our faculty and know you will feel comfortable and confident in their abilities within moments of meeting them.

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Christine Kang

CEO / Head of Schools
Christine has extensive experience in logistics, strategic planning, and team management. She was most recently the Chief Operating Officer of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, a K-12 education non-profit best known for its Hamilton Education Program. Previously, Christine was the Founding Director of Operations for the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School (BUGS), which she helped open in 2013. She remains involved with the school as a member of the Board. Prior to joining BUGS, she worked as a Director at the American Museum of Natural History. The thread tying these experiences together is her passion for education, innovation, and kids. A cum laude graduate of Columbia University, Christine also holds an MA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a pre-college degree in piano from the Juilliard School.
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Erin Kahy

Director at 187 Building
Erin has been a director for over ten years and has been with TBS since their inception in 2014 and loves every aspect of her job! Erin’s educational background includes a degree in Elementary Education/Creative Writing along with an Associates of Science degree. Beyond her education, Erin has an enormous love for theater and currently owns her own theatrical company in Hudson County. Bridging together her love for children, learning, and creativity, Erin believes that every child learns to their personal potential by utilizing every aspect of their brains, including their silly and playful parts! In Erin’s spare time, she loves to sing, is an avid Food Network follower and enjoys nothing more than a great book and a cup of coffee! Erin recently welcomed a baby girl who also attends TBS!
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Jacklyn Ward

Director at Warren Building
Jacklyn graduated from NJCU in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree along with a certification in Early Childhood Education. As a mother of two, she loves discovering new ways to make learning fun and engaging! A big part of her passion for teaching is watching children from a young age explore, learn and become more eager to learn as they grow. Jacklyn has been with TBS from the very beginning. She started as the head teacher of the infant class and in 2017 was promoted to an administrator position.  Both roles at TBS have given her immense satisfaction as an educator.
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Judy Hurley

Office Manager
Judy has over 22 years of experience as an office manager in a child care facility. She has one daughter who is 26 years old. In her free time Judy enjoys baking, going to concerts, crocheting, and spending time with friends.
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Jillian Hernandez

After 15 years of working in Human Resources, Jillian decided to pursue her passion and lifelong dream of opening her own preschool.  Jillian has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and an MBA from Rutgers University. Jillian’s passion for opening a new preschool, combined with her human resources background, has enabled The Brunswick School to have the best and brightest teachers and staff. Jillian has a true passion for Jersey City’s community and discovered a tremendous need for quality child care in this area.  Jillian’s vision is to provide families with quality service.
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Amnah Aboukamar-Johnson

Director at 189 Building
Amnah has been involved in Early Childhood for 22 years, and her educational background includes a degree in Early Childhood Development as well as being Preschool-3 certified by the State of NJ. She was the lead teacher of a 2 ½ – 3 ½ year old classroom in a NAEYC accredited program. She was also the assistant director/head supervising teacher for 16 years. For the last 6 years, Amnah has been the Executive Director of the same program she began in. She loves the pre-school setting and believes that our youngest learners develop best in a high quality, developmentally appropriate environment. Outside of education, Amnah is the mother of 3 children and she and her husband enjoy travelling anywhere and everywhere with their family, especially if there is a beautiful beach and even better sunset. She’s a huge science fiction/fantasy fan, loves Harry Potter, Doctor Who and any music or TV from the 80’s. In her spare time Amnah loves to cook and find interesting new recipes...
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Vanessa Saraiva

Assistant Director at 189 Building
A graduate from Kean University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Vanessa is elated to be a part of The Brunswick School family. She brings with her over eight years of experience working with children aging from 6 weeks through 13 years old. Her favorite age group is the infants and young toddlers, because of the opportunity they present her to help mold them into influential stars of tomorrow. Most recently, Vanessa has transitioned over from being a head teacher of infants and has now assumed the responsibilities of an assistant director, and hopes to seamlessly incorporate her attributes and subsequently contribute to the growth and development of The Brunswick School.          
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Teresa Hernandez

Parent Relations Specialist at the 189 Building
Terry holds a degree in Psychology from New Jersey City University. Terry considers herself to be the grandma to all of the students at The Brunswick School. Being fluent in Spanish, she prefers to be referred to as the “Abuela” of the school, which means grandmother in Spanish. During her free time, she likes to do jigsaw puzzles, visit her three grandchildren in Arlington, VA, and go shopping.